Family: Gunnar & Mabel

So we have a new website and that means we have a new blog. We're actually going to try and keep up with this one (I mean really try). Luckily we just had the pleasure of photographing the cutest kids in the world and we are pretty psyched to share them!

Gunnar & Mabel are two adorably, blonde little nuggets that we were pretty excited to photograph. It's always amazing how much personality little kids have. They are so fresh to the world but already have these formed personalities and attitudes and opinions about things. Gunnar, for example, likes Batman but not as much as Superman. Mabel likes playing in puddles even if she's supposed to keep her photo clothes clean and dry. Gunnar likes chocolate chips and the garden hose (especially on the full jet stream setting) and Mabel likes being in her parents' arms.  And they both like garden gnomes.

And we like them!

If you are thinking about family photos or just photos of your little ones, send us an email. We have a few different options for photo fun!


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